My first full-length collection of poems, distilled from seven-plus years of work as a cargo handler, agent and coordinator in Canada's Eastern Arctic. Unsettled is published by Insomniac Press.

Order Unsettled from Insomniac Press.

Order Unsettled from

Feature article on me and Unsettled in the Charlottetown Guardian.

Review of Unsettled in Books in Canada 34:1 (January/February 2005)

Review of Unsettled in Atlantic Books Today 47 (Spring 2005)

Review of Unsettled in Lichen (Spring 2005).

Article on Unsettled in The Buzz (May 2005).

Review of Unsettled in The Chronicle Herald (May 15 2005).

Article in Tidings (University of King's College alumni magazine) in which I'm interviewed.

Review of Unsettled at The Danforth Review (October 2005).

Review of Unsettled in The Fiddlehead 225 (Autumn 2005).

Review of Unsettled in the University of Toronto Quarterly February 2006.

Interview with me about the Unsettled Tour at Northern Poetry Review, April 2006.

A short film made by my former First Air Cargo colleague and friend Gord Declerq, featuring two poems from Unsettled.

Ludicrous Parole

A limited edition chapbook of 100 copies published by Mercutio Press of Montreal, with a second edition of 60 copies printed in September 2006. It contains seventeen poems, united by the idea of "voice": soliloquies, addresses, vernacular poems, and ventriloqual translations.

Reprinted in an edition of 60 copies in September 2006.

Order Ludicrous Parole from Mercutio Press.

Fool's Errand

A limited edition of 100 signed and numbered copies, published by Saturday Morning Chapbooks, March 2004. Fool's Errand is a sixteen-page chapbook, containing a baker's dozen of my poems.


Commentary on Fool's Errand


Huginn & Muninn

A limited varied edition of twelve signed and numbered prints, combining lithographic and intaglio techniques on cotton rag paper, produced by Halifax-based artist and printmaker Margaret Flood.

Please contact me for ordering details.


To Find Us: Words and Images of Halifax (Halifax: Nimbus, 2005): "Pat's Grocery."

In Fine Form (Vancouver: Raincoast, 2005): "Fool's Errand."

Let Yourself Go (Windsor: Black Moss Press, 2005): "Over Supper, the Doctor Recalls a Quirk in the Medical History of Baffin Island."

Dark Lullaby (Pittsburgh: UnMon America, 2004): "From Suffering into Laughter."

Late Night Translations from the Esperanto (Montreal: Elevator Press, 2001): "The aurora was a green cobra"; "Inflation"; "Igloolik."

No Choice but to Trust (Pittsburgh: UnMon America, 2000): "Stacking Boxes in the Belly of a Flying Whale."

SEEDS (Toronto: Hidden Brook Press, 2000): "Permanently Temporary." Honourable Mention.


Event 35:2, forthcoming: "Skunk," "Field of Floes," "He Loves His Neighbours & Despises Himself," "Steady."

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My column on Maisonneuve's website.

I’ll Scratch Your Back: On Jurisimprudence and the GGs

Go Leaving Strange: Just Go (The poems of Patrick Lane)

Killing Trees and Sawing Logs: On the Harvesting of Young Canadian Poets

The Journey of the Angry Young Poet-Critics into the Valley of Fredericton

(S)elective Reading: Reconciling Reviewing's Dark Side (Reprinted as a Letter to the Editor in Books in Canada 34:1 (January/February 2005))

Lost in Translation

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Ball Hockey on a Short Street

Makin’ It Work: Appreciating Canada's Blue-Collar Poets

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The Griffin Prize for Stuff Vaguely Resembling Poetry

Verse Versus Verse


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March 2006, Via Rail Train, Alberta: Reading in train dome car.
March 2006, Nanaimo: Classroom visit, Malaspina University College.
March 2006, Vancouver: Reading at the Vancouver Public Library (downtown branch).
March 2006, Prince George: Classroom visit, University of Northern British Columbia.
February 2006, Wells: Reading at Island Mountain Arts.
February 2006, Prince George: Classroom visit, University of Northern British Columbia.
February 2006, Edmonton: Reading at the Edmonton Public Library (downtown branch) with Ian Letourneau, Laurie MacFayden and Kerry Mulholland.
February 2006, Calgary: Reading at McNally Robinson's Booksellers, with Micheline Maylor.
February 2006, Saskatoon: Reading at McNally Robinson's Booksellers, with Jeanette Lynes.
February 2006, Winnipeg: Reading at McNally Robinson's Booksellers, with Lori Cayer.
February 2006, St. Catharine's: Reading at Grey Borders reading series.
February 2006, Windsor: Reading at Not Just Another Reading Series, with Goran Simic.
February 2006, Toronto: Reading at the I.V. Lounge reading series, with Damian Rogers and Chris Eaton.
February 2006, Peterborough: Reading at the Peterborough Arts Umbrella.
February 2006, Peterborough: Classroom visit to Peterborough Collegiate Institute.
February 2006, Toronto: Reading at the Art Bar reading series, with Gary Barwin and Richard Sanger.
February 2006, Hamilton: Reading at the Lit Live reading series, with Gary Barwin and Jennifer Lovegrove.
February 2006, Montreal: Classroom visits (2) at John Abbott College.
February 2006, Montreal: Reading at Zeke's Gallery, with Stephanie Bolster, Geoff Cook and Robyn Sarah.
January 2006, Ottawa: Reading at the Dusty Owl reading Series.
January 2006, Ottawa: Reading at Collected Works bookstore.
January 2006, Halifax: Launch of Ludicrous Parole, The Economy Shoe Shop.
January 2006, Halifax: Classroom visit, Mt. St. Vincent University.
November 2005, Fredericton: Reading at UNB Poetry Weekend.
September 2005, Halifax: Launch of In Fine Form: The Canadian Book of Form Poetry, Shoestring Reading Series, Economy Shoe Shop, with Brian Bartlett, Carole Langille and Sandy Shreve.
May 2005, Halifax: Classroom visit, Mt. St. Vincent University.
April 2005, Charlottetown: Urban Poetry Mass, Confederation Centre for the Arts, with Lesley Ann Bourne, David Helwig, Brent MacLaine and John Smith.
April 2005, Halifax: Launch of To Find Us: Words and Images of Halifax, Ginger's Tavern.
April 2005, Halifax: Halifax Public Library, reading with Brian Bartlett and Alice Burdick.
April 2005, Halifax: Halifax International Writer's Festival, Khyber Club.
March 2005, Fredericton: UNB Reading Series, with Dave Cameron.
March 2005, Halifax: CBC Poetry Face Off, Grawood Lounge. Broadcast on CBC Radio in April. Read article in Dalhousie Gazette.
November 2004, Halifax: Classroom visit, Mount St. Vincent University.
November 2004, Halifax: Launch of Brian Bartlett's Travels of the Watch, Economy Shoe Shop.
November 2004, Charlottetown: Launch of Unsettled, Baba's Lounge.
November 2004, Charlottetown: Interview and reading on CBC Radio's "Mainstreet."
November 2004, Halifax: Launch of Unsettled, Khyber Club.
November 2004, Toronto: I.V. Lounge, I.V. Lounge Reading Series.
November 2004, Toronto: The Fuse Room, Transient Orange Reading Series.
October 2004, Ste. Anne de Bellevue: Classroom visit, John Abbott College.
October 2004, Montréal: Interview and reading on CKUT's "The Morning After".
October 2004, Montréal: Launch of Unsettled, Zeke's Gallery.
October 2004, Fredericton: UNB, Alden Nowlan Literary Festival.
May 2004, Toronto: I.V. Lounge, I.V. Lounge Reading Series.
May 2004, Toronto: Victory Café, Art Bar Reading Series.
May 2004, Toronto: Interview and reading on CIUT's "Howl!"
March 2004, Charlottetown: Launch of Fool's Errand.
March 2004, Charlottetown: Interview and reading on CBC Radio's "Mainstreet."
March 2003, Montréal: Yellow Door Reading Series.
June 2002, Charlottetown: Grabbajabba, with John MacKenzie.
June 2002, Charlottetown: Eddie's Lunch, with John MacKenzie.
September, 2001, Toronto: Classroom visits (2) at Seneca College.
September, 2001, Toronto: Victory Café, Art Bar Reading Series.
July 2001, Lasqueti Island, BC: Lasqueti Arts Festival.
July 2001, Vancouver: Interview and reading on Co-Op Radio's "Wax Poetic."
July 2001, Vancouver: Café Montmartre, Thundering Word Heard Reading Series.
July 2001, Vancouver: Bukowski's, Tales of Ordinary Madness Reading Series.
March 2001, Montréal: Launch of Late Night Translations from the Esperanto.
March 2001, Montréal: Casa del Popolo, Wired-on-Words Reading Series.
March 2001, Montréal: Yellow Door Reading Series.
October 2000, Montréal: McKibbin's Pub/Concordia University.